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Dr. Kalika

About Dr. Kalika

Dr. Eduard Kalika is a Licensed Naprapath and Licensed Nutritional Counselor who has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years practicing both in the United States and in Ukraine.

By being a Licensed Naprapath and Nutritional Counselor he provides soft connective tissue manipulation, physical modalities, therapeutic exercises, and nutritional counseling to treat structural and nutritional imbalances.

Dr. Eduard Kalika began his education in the healthcare field with an associate’s degree in massage therapy. He then moved on to completing his bachelor’s degree in physical education and moving up to complete his masters degree in coaching. In 1988 he felt his passion to help others was not fulfilled and that drove him to continue his education. He attended Simpheropol State University in Ukraine. After completing his education in Ukraine he decided to come to the US.

He attended the Chicago National College of Naprapathy and received his title as a Doctor of Naprapathy. While completing his education he enrolled in the US Navy and became an active reserve from February 2000 to October 2003. Soon after completing his education he received a Clinical Professional Award as Best Intern in October 2001 and a Clinical Outstanding Award in November 2001.

Dr. Eduard Kalika can read, write, and speak different languages. These languages include English, Russian, Ukraine, and Polish.

Dr. Eduard Kalika enjoys lecturing, reading, researching, and helping out around the community. During his free time he enjoys swimming, wrestling, coaching and competing in judo. He has coached judo in China and Ukraine. He has also been awarded the United States of America Judo Champion in 1996, 1997, and 2003.